The flowing waters of the Delaware River and the Rancocas Creek became the original inspiration for the name of Delanco. The Indians called the one body of running water the Ancocas Creek. Using a combination of both the creek and river names, the town originally came to be known as "Delaranco." The name was later shortened to "Delanco."

A Delanco Land Company was formed and eventually obtained some sixty-four acres from a resident of Beverly which consisted of two thousand five hundered feet of river frontage. The first house to be built by this company stands today and is known as the Diehl property.

A railroad station, originally known as the Rancocas station, was built in 1849. In 1852 that portion of the town between Pennsylvania Avenue, the creek, and Walnut Alley was laid out. Also, in 1852, a saw mill was erected. Logs were floated down the Rancocas to the mill and formed into lumber. Three years later a post office was established.

A general store was erected at the corner of Poplar and Franklin Streets and was run by Micajah Dobbins, a merchant. Mr. Dobbins was also the leader of the Sunday School, which met in various places until 1859 when the Methodist Church was built on Union Avenue. The Presbyterian Church was organized some 13 years later and in 1874 the church building, also on Union Avenue, was dedicated.

By the 1880's there were 150 houses in town and a population of 450. As the population grew, thought was given to forming an association to assist individuals in financing their homes.

Thus, on April 19, 1890, a group of civic minded citizens met to organize a Building and Loan Association. Joseph B. Carter, who operated the general store, was elected its first President. The first loan was granted in August 1890. Through the years steady growth enabled many members to build, buy or improve their homes.

Building and Loan Share

The Association survived the depression of the 1930's. During that time, all withdrawals were paid on demand and dividends continued to be declared.

In 1951, the Association changed its name to Delanco Savings and Loan Association. Later that year, all accounts became insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, "FSLIC." That insurance was in force until 1989 when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, "FDIC" assumed the obligation.

In 1952 the Association moved to its current facility at 615 Burlington Avenue. While many additions and alterations have occurred, the building is still occupied today.

In 1994 the Association converted its charter from a state chartered mutual savings and loan association to a federally chartered mutual savings bank under the name of Delanco Federal Savings Bank.

On November 15, 2002 the bank reorganized from a Mutual Savings Bank to a Mutual Holding Company while retaining the name of Delanco Federal Savings Bank.

In 2006, the bank opened its first branch office at 506 route 130, Suite One, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.

Both the town of Delanco and the bank have prospered from those early days and stand as a tribute to those individuals who had a vision for the future.